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In some cases, ovarian cysts can be asymptomatic for a long time and can be detected accidentally during a gynecological examination or ultrasound scan of the pelvic organs. If the symptoms are present, it includes the following manifestations:
A feeling of pressure or aching pain in the lower abdomen from the location of the cyst (the intensity of pain does not correlate with the size of the cyst). In endometrioid cysts, there is a clear link between pain and the onset of menstruation.
Violation of the ovarian menstrual cycle – delays in menstruation or, conversely, early onset, intermenstrual spotting.

The diagnostic search at the primary stage is formed based on the nature of the complaints and the results of the gynecological examination (the doctor discovers a rounded formation of a different consistency than the ovary in the area of the appendages). An additional diagnostic program may include the following methods:
ultrasound scanning of the pelvic organs with Dopplerography-to clarify the size and structure of the formation, the nature of blood flow and the assumption of the most likely type of cyst;
General clinical analysis of blood is particularly indicated in case of suspected rupture or torsion of the cyst;
Histological examination of the drug removed during the operation is carried out in all cases, because it allows you to establish a final diagnosis and reliably exclude the malignant process.

Most types of ovarian cysts are cured over time on their own, but this does not mean that you can do nothing and live on. In order for the cyst to pass without surgery, you still need a professional who can use the necessary principles of treatment and stabilize the hormonal background. About how to treat this disease correctly, you should immediately discuss it with your doctor at the clinic at first. To permanently get rid of the cyst, the patients, as already mentioned earlier, pass special tests. According to their results and the results of ultrasound, the doctor provides a list of possible treatment methods. So, you can limit yourself to taking hormonal drugs or special contraceptive medications. The patient must undergo antibacterial treatment, get rid of inflammation and undergo physiological recovery.

If none of the proposed methods helped, then the patient should agree to surgery. There is no doubt about the quality of the work performed in one of the best clinics in the city. If you agree to undergo treatment in the clinic, then in just a couple of months from the previous torment there will be no trace.

You can safely start treatment, which we carry out as quickly and efficiently as possible in Tashkent. The Gatling Med clinic will make you feel confident in yourself and your health!