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Sactosalpinx can be one-sided or two-sided. According to various data, the prevalence of sactosalpinx among infertile patients is from 7 to 28%.

The reasons for the development of sanjoanense
Sactosalpinx is formed due to the narrowing of the pipe due to adhesions. The fluid that is secreted by the walls of the fallopian tube does not enter the uterus, but is retained in the tube cavity, and a "bag"is formed. This can happen:
- as a result of inflammatory diseases of the appendages (salpingitis, salpingoophoritis), including sexually transmitted diseases or non-specific infections;
- with endometriosis;
- after surgery: sterilization, abortion, diagnostic curettage, hydrotubation, hysterosalpingography, reconstructive surgery for tubal infertility;
as a complication of peritonitis;
for cancer of the tube or uterus.

Symptoms of sactosalpinx
Chronic sactosalpinx is often asymptomatic and is an accidental finding when examined for infertility. Sometimes a woman may feel pelvic pain, small discharge from the vagina, heaviness in the lower abdomen.
Acute sactosalpinx is manifested by high fever and pain in the groin.

Diagnosis of sactosalpinx
Sactosalpinx is diagnosed after a gynecological examination, hysterosalpingography, or ultrasound-hysterosalpingoscopy.

Treatment of sactosalpinx
Since the most common cause of sactosalpinx is inflammation, it is treated first. Then the surgeon's intervention is necessary.

The type of operation depends on how passable the tube is and whether the woman has plans for the birth of a child.
Laparoscopic reocclusion-plastic tube, as a result of which its patency is restored.Tubectomy - removal of the tube, which is indicated in the case of a relapse of the sactosalpinx or ineffectiveness of the plastic. Pregnancy in the case of tubal infertility is possible with the help of IVF methods.

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