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The treatment and diagnosis of throat disease includes such services as:

1. Running of the palatine tonsils.

That is, the treatment of chronic tonsillitis and is carried out in the presence of the patient's odor from the mouth, also with caseous stoppers in the lacunae of the tonsils. The procedure is carried out using syringes or vacuum irrigation of tonsils using solutions of antiseptics.


2. Removal of tonsils.

Tonsillectomy, or in other words a chronic or acute infectious-allergic disease (involvement of the components of the lymphadenoid pharyngeal ring in the inflammatory process). More than half of the world's population suffer from acute tonsillitis, and chronic tonsillitis is predominant for about 20% of the adult population.

Antibacterial therapy will be drilled. Antibacterial drugs are prescribed for 10 days. Also, you should rinse your mouth with solutions of antiseptics, anti-inflammatory drugs. At elevated temperatures, it is recommended (ibuprofen or paracetamol). In patients with chronic tonsillitis, lacunas are washed and physiotherapy, ultrasound therapy, is performed.


3. Treatment of phoniatrics.

Violation of the functions of the vocal apparatus. Change affects the tone range, voice timbre and voice power. The reason for such consequences are permanent voice overloads, stress, diseases of the autonomic and central nervous system, endocrine disorders, arthritis (chronic and acute), inflammatory diseases of the mucous membrane of the throat, allergic diseases.

Having established the cause of the violation of the voice function, treatment begins, which is carried out approximately in the course of 5-6 weeks. In complicated cases, as an irreversible violation of the anatomical structure of the vocal apparatus, the treatment time is increased.


4. Treatment of laryngitis and purulent sore throat.

Loring is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat. The main causes of laryngitis are infections of viral, fungal and bacterial types, hypothermia, allergens and traumatic injuries. Treatment includes, exclusion from the diet of hot and spicy food, regular drinking of milk, antihistamine therapy is performed, rejection of bad habits (smoking, alcoholic beverages), antiviral drugs.

Purulent sore throat is an infectious disease (acute inflammation of the tonsils) is treated with complete isolation of the patient from others, appointing a bed rest before the recession of fever. Antibacterial therapy and antihistamines are prescribed.