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What diagnostics can modern medicine offer?

The main diagnostic methods that allow you to determine all the features of the course of the disease include the following:

- General blood analysis and biochemistry-mandatory procedures for detecting inflammatory processes (the level of white blood cells) and pathological changes in the structure of organs.

- General urinalysis - allows you to determine the chemical composition of the impurities contained in the urine.

— Ultrasound is the most common method that has minimal negative effects, so it is not contraindicated even for pregnant women. This method allows you to detect even small formations.

- Excretory urography — X-ray examination of the urinary system. In the human body, specific stones can form that are not a barrier to X-rays and therefore are not diagnosed by this method.

- Computed tomography — a three-dimensional image that allows you to get the most complete information about the presence of foreign bodies. It is one of the most advanced diagnostic methods.

Treatment of urolithiasis

There are several basic treatments that can complement each other:

- Medical treatment of urolithiasis. Special medication to dissolve the stones and facilitate their excretion from the body. This type of treatment is more effective together with herbal medicine, but, unfortunately, in most cases it is not effective.

- Shock wave lithotripsy. The crushing of the stone occurs due to the rapid pulse of the shock wave. This method is the most painless, but not always effective.

- Ureteroscopy. Crushing through a thin instrument inserted into the ureter.

Prevention is the key to your health!

If a person has had urolithiasis, treatment does not guarantee that it will not return. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent urolithiasis, which includes:

- getting rid of bad habits;

- proper nutrition and restriction of salt intake;

- establishing the correct drinking regime;

- avoiding hypothermia, especially in the lower back;

- no stress;

- sports activities without excessive power loads;

- trips to specialized health resorts.
All this will avoid the need for surgical treatment of urolithiasis.


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