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Causes of hepatitis:
Often, hCG is associated exclusively with viral hepatitis. This is due to the fact that in the general population of all diagnosed cases, the share of viral etiology (usually viruses B or C, less often the so-called superinfection of several viruses) accounts for up to 90%, and this share may increase due to high virulence, the duration of the latent period (usually more than 10 years) and a number of other factors. However, viral invasion is not the only cause of chronic hepatitis. They also distinguish:
- toxic hCG;
- autoimmune hepatitis;
- hepatitis cholestatic (bile stasis due to violations of the outflow);
- idiopathic hCG (with no established cause).

Variants of toxic chronic hepatitis are alcoholic and medicinal.

The symptoms of chronic hepatitis are very diverse, it is determined by the etiopathogenetic mechanism, the general condition, etc. Sometimes the disease begins acutely, in other cases it proceeds latently for years. Common symptoms include the following manifestations:
- malaise, asthenia, apathy, decreased or no appetite;
- unspecified discomfort, heaviness, or pain in the right hypochondrium or other abdominal areas;
- enlargement of the liver and / or spleen;
- low-grade fever;
- jaundice (for a slowly progressing process, it is usually not characteristic, but with exacerbations or severe conditions, it can also be accompanied by specific changes in the color of excrement).
In general, with chronic liver inflammation, especially with autoimmune variants of hepatitis, almost all systems can be involved, which is manifested, for example, by acne or vascular "stars", joint pain, symptoms of endocrine or renal disorders, and many others.

The basis for the diagnosis of chronic hepatitis is biochemical tests (liver tests), and a virological examination is required to identify the pathogen, if there is one. Such serological tests are quite complex, but necessary.
In some cases, a liver biopsy is indicated; with dispensary follow-up, patients undergo ultrasound at least once a year.

The most important task is to identify the cause of chronic hepatitis – and, if possible, eliminate it or suppress it as much as possible.
So, in toxic forms, the intake of hepatotoxic drugs is canceled and alcohol is excluded; in autoimmune hepatitis, hormones and immunosuppressants are prescribed; in viral forms, on the contrary, immune stimulation is necessary. In cases of viral hepatitis with seve
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