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Treatments that can cause lung diseases and respiratory disorders.
Treatments that can cause lung damage include some chemotherapy drugs, radiation therapy, surgery, and complications from hematopoietic cell transplants (also called bone marrow or stem cell transplants).

Other risk factors
These include:
- Younger age at the time of treatment
- A history of lung diseases
- Tobacco use
- Passive smoking
- Smoking drugs, such as marijuana

Lung diseases as a result of treatment
- Possible problems:
- Scarring of the lungs (fibrosis of the lungs)
- Recurrent lung infections (chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasia, or recurrent pneumonia)
- Inflammation of the lung tissue and respiratory tract (obliterating restrictive / obstructive pulmonary disease)

Signs and symptoms
- Shortness of breath
- Frequent coughing, wheezing
- Chest pain
- Frequent bronchitis, pneumonia
- Another possible symptom is rapid fatigue or shortness of breath during light exercise.

Recommendations for cancer survivors
- Knowledge of risks and the monitoring of health status
- Ask your oncologist about the risk of long-term consequences in your case.
- Report the risks in your case to your doctor or district doctor. 
- Provide a copy of your plan for providing medical care to the cancer survivor with generalized treatment results.
- Take an annual medical check-up. It should include a blood pressure measurement and a urine test.
- Take your annual medical check-up.
A study of lung function (including the ability to diffuse gases in the lungs (DLCO) and spirometry) may show problems that are not obvious during a routine examination.

- Get vaccinated against pneumococcus.
- Get a flu shot every year.
- Do not go scuba diving until you have passed a full examination and received the permission of a pulmonologist (lung specialist).
- Don't smoke.
- And if you smoke, then quit.
- Exercise regularly.
- Do not smoke marijuana or inhale drugs.
- Do not smell toxic substances.

Observe all safety rules at work. If necessary, use protective fans.
Differential diagnosis of lung disease. Effective treatment of lung disease in the Gatlin-Med clinic in Tashkent.