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Endosurgery is a high-tech and modern direction in surgery.

When endosurgery is not required to make wide incisions. Small small punctures are performed and long thin instruments are inserted into the body cavity. With the help of a small camera it is possible to manipulate the surgical disease in a clear position.

Endosurgery is carried out with the help of special tools that are available in the GATLING-MED clinic. Operational endoscope, optical device (video endoscope), miniature camera making up a maximum of 100 grams, illuminator. All these devices enable surgeons and other doctors performing the operation to observe all movements on the screen in an enlarged form. The length of used tools is from 30 to 40 cm, and the width from 2 to 12 mm.

Advantages of carrying out endoscopic operations:

- The absence of complications (the formation of large ventral hernias, the event)

- The volume of dissected tissues is much smaller, that is, only 3-5 punctures are made whose diameter is 1 cm

- Severity of postoperative pain is much less

- Small volume of hemorrhage

- The risk of adhesions is small due to cooling or drying of the serosa

- Decrease in the need for medicines

- The period of postoperative recovery is less by 2-3 times, in connection with this, stay in the hospital period becomes 3-5 times less


Endosurgery in the clinic GATLING-MED allows you to conduct an operation with a minimum volume of dissected tissue and the most effective result. And most importantly, it does not leave much noticeable postoperative traces.