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The endoscope allows the surgeon to examine the bladder, urethra, ureters, and even the renal cavity system without carrying out tissue incisions.

Advantages of endoscopic urology

Minimal tissue traumatism. That is, the area of ​​the tissue to be cut significantly becomes smaller, since the operation does not require external slicks. This also allows a reduction in the period of rehabilitation and elimination of the risk of complications.

Performing operations without cuts. During the operation, the endoscope is inserted through a natural opening, which eliminates the presence of scars. Only in the case of nephroscopy, a small incision is made in the lumbar region, which is 2 cm in size.

High information about the process of performing the operation. By displaying an image of the progress of the operation on the screen, the surgeon is informed of all the details of its implementation.

In a multidisciplinary clinic GATLING-MED, a number of endourologic diseases are treated with a highly accurate diagnosis and effective results of therapies.

Urinary narrowing. Baloon dilatation, as well as stenting of the ureter, are performed.

BPH. Performed by stratified cutting and removal of excess tissue (transurethral resection).

Stones in the kidneys. The process of percutaneous lithotripsy is performed in the presence of large stones in the renal calyces and pelvis. That is, through a puncture in the lumbar region, an endoscope is inserted. In addition, laser therapy is also performed (transurethral contact laser pielloitotripsy), carried out directly to the stone.

Stones in the ureter and in the bladder. When the stones are removed, cystolithotripsy is performed, where stones or lithostraction are added, in which the stones are removed.

Neoplasms (tumors) in the bladder. The tumor is removed along with a certain part of the wall of the bladder through transurethral resection.

Urethral stricture. Transurethral resection of the structure and insertion of the stent.

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