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Enterobiasis is a form of infectious helminthiasis. It is manifested by intestinal damage, allergies and itching of the anus.

The development of the disease is caused by pinworms. These are small thin worms that settle in the human intestines and actively multiply there.

Typically, this infection affects children between the ages of 2 and 10. The peak of the disease occurs at 5 years of age.

Pinworms enter the human body through the fecal-oral route, that is, through unwashed hands after using the toilet, or through contaminated food and household items. Children who tend to try all new objects "to the teeth" are more often infected. In organized children's groups, a lot depends on the attentiveness of the educators, who force their wards to wash their hands before eating, but it is also impossible to remove responsibility from the parents, because, as you know, the best upbringing is their own example for the younger generation.

Treatment of helminthiasis complicates its drug resistance and the high probability of self-invasion. Therefore, doctors recommend that parents strictly monitor the child's compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.

Symptoms of enterobiasis

The disease goes unnoticed for a long time. Some symptoms do not appear until two weeks after infection with pinworm eggs. The child may experience some discomfort in the form of itching. But, as a rule, the laying of eggs on the skin around the anus occurs at night and the parents do not notice the baby's anxiety.

If at the initial stage of the disease is not treated, it progresses and the itching becomes constant and very severe.

You can suspect infection with helminths by changing the nature of the child's behavior. Appetite may change - or it will increase or be absent altogether, the baby may be bothered by abdominal pain. The invasion can cause vomiting, nausea and sleep disturbance.

Sometimes symptoms of enterobiasis can be a prolonged cough, manifestation of allergies, dry skin and even an unreasonable runny nose.

Mandatory measures for sanitary and hygienic processing in the house include:

-boiling bed linen;

- Thorough ironing of bed linen on both sides;

- cleaning with disinfectants;

- careful processing of door handles;

- complete disinfection of the toilet, bathroom and hallway;

-disinfection of all toys;

- damp cleaning of carpets.

All these activities must be carried out twice - at the beginning of treatment and two weeks later.

In case of detection of enterobiasis, it is necessary to carry out treatment with drugs prescribed by a doctor. Moreover, treatment must be carried out at the same time - the sick person and all family members (after their examination or prophylactically, after consulting a doctor).

A few weeks after treatment, it is necessary to undergo a repeated (control) examination for enterobiasis.

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