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What is cervical erosion

Erosion of the cervix-damage to the mucous membrane of the cervix, a kind of" ulcer " bright red.


There are several reasons why erosion occurs:

1. Birth injuries of the cervix occur if the neck is not opened so that the child's head passes through it. This condition of the neck can occur for various reasons:

* the woman had an abortion, was cleaning the uterus;

• previously had been seared erosion and left a scar;

• was rapid childbirth;

* a woman gave birth to a large child.

2. In previous births, the doctor carelessly stitched or did not notice the gap.

3. Hormonal change.

4.Pregnancy after 35 or before 18 years.

5.The woman had a sexually transmitted infection.





Under the prenatal development of the genital organs columnar epithelium initially covers the entire inner surface of the rudiments of the vagina and uterus, and then replaces the squamous epithelium is cylindrical in the vagina and partly into the vaginal part of the cervix. In connection with the sensitivity of the columnar epithelium to the action of hormones during a woman's life border of cylindrical epithelium periodically shifted out, resulting in the formation of ectopia, and then again increasing the squamous epithelium. The presence of ectopia is most typical for the period of newborn, puberty, in young women, during pregnancy and the use of hormonal contraception. Ectopia can be formed in infections, mechanical or chemical irritation of the cervix.


In the vast majority of cases, ectopia has no symptoms. With concomitant inflammation (cervicitis), vaginal discharge is noted. In rare cases, ectopia is accompanied by bloody discharge after sexual intercourse (contact bleeding). Pain during sexual intercourse.


Ectopia are asymptomatic do not require treatment. In some cases, operative treatment methods: electrosurgical, cryosurgical, and laser - and radiosurgery, thermocoagulation, and chemical and pharmacological coagulation.


According to several studies, the application of electrosurgical methods diathermocoagulation, determinantal — epithelialization observed in 75-92 % of patients.

While there are a variety of complications diathermocoagulation. They occur, according to various data, in 6.2-40 % of cases. The most common complications: exacerbation of inflammatory processes, bleeding from the scab, menstrual cycle, stenosis of the cervical canal with the formation of synechiae in 40 % of cases.


Cryosurgical treatment of cervical ectopia is based on the fact that under the influence of low-temperature cooling there is a complex of biochemical, biophysical, physico-chemical reactions that cause structural and functional changes in tissues..


With cryodestruction of cervical ectopia, the therapeutic effect can be achieved in 82-97 %. Cryosurgical method characterize the bloodless, painless, possibility to use without anesthesia in an outpatient setting.

Negative aspects of cryotherapy: the risk of insufficient tissue freezing, both in depth and on the surface. As a result, all pathologically altered cells are not destroyed. Also characterized by long-term discharge of exudate and longer terms of regeneration. A promising direction in the treatment of ectopia is the use of a carbon dioxide laser (CO2 laser). During the action of the CO2 laser, the tissue is heated in the affected area due to the absorption of laser radiation. This leads to the evaporation of intra-and extracellular fluid, heating anhydrous cell structures to their coagulation and evaporation.

Of the non-drug and non-traditional methods of treatment, the most commonly used are hardware physiotherapy and acupuncture.

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