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Hypertension (arterial hypertension) - constantly high blood pressure, which leads to a violation of the structure and functions of the artery and heart. The incidence increases with age. More common in men. Sometimes there is a familial predisposition, more often in African Americans.

Risk factors are stress, alcohol abuse, over-salted food and excess weight. About 1 in 5 adults have consistently high blood pressure. High pressure stretches the walls of the arteries and the heart, damaging them.


At the onset of the disease, hypertension is asymptomatic, but if the pressure is constantly increased, the patient begins to have headaches, dizziness and double vision. In most cases, only the symptoms caused by increased blood pressure are of concern. Over time, they intensify and by the time the disease is obvious, irreversible changes in organs and arterial vessels are already formed. No wonder hypertension is called a "silent killer": often people die from a stroke or heart attack, which were complete for them

Recently, programs to promote healthy lifestyles and general medical examination have made it possible for many people to diagnose hypertension at an early stage. Early diagnosis and advances in treatment can dramatically reduce the incidence of strokes and heart attacks in the population.


Young people or those with severe hypertension need to undergo a complete examination to identify the cause of the hypertension (urine and blood tests and ultrasound examinations to detect kidney disease or hormonal disorders).

Hypertension usually cannot be cured, but the pressure can be controlled. If your blood pressure rises slightly, the best way to lower your blood pressure is to change your lifestyle. You should reduce your intake of salt and alcohol and keep your weight normal. Stop smoking if the patient smokes. If these measures did not lead to a decrease in pressure, it is necessary to use drug therapy — antihypertensive drugs. These remedies work in different ways, therefore, it is possible to prescribe either one or several drugs. It takes time to choose the right type of medication and its dosage. If side effects develop, the doctor should be immediately informed so that he makes the appropriate changes.

Some doctors recommend that you regularly measure your blood pressure yourself, this allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment. If the developed hypertension is a consequence of another disease, for example, a hormonal disorder, then its treatment will bring the pressure back to normal.

The prognosis depends on how long and how long the patient's blood pressure is. In most cases, lifestyle changes and drug control of blood pressure can significantly reduce the risk of further complications. The pressure should be monitored throughout life. The risk of complications is greatest in chronic and severe hypertension.

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