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Eustachitis — inflammation of the mucous membrane of the Eustachian tube, in which the patient lays his ear. The danger of the disease is a gradual deterioration of hearing.



Among the main symptoms of Eustachian allocate:
* feeling of congestion and noise (crackling) in the ear;
hearing impairment;
* autophony (enhancing the perception of one's own voice);
* sensation of fluid transfusion in the ear;
* frequent acute purulent otitis media.
When the head is tilted forward or to the side, the patient suffering from inflammation of the Eustachian tube may feel that there is an iridescent fluid in the ear.
During yawning, swallowing saliva unpleasant symptoms may become less pronounced. Then the patient immediately begins to hear better. This is due to the expansion of the diameter of the lumen of the auditory tube as a result of muscle contraction involved in yawning or swallowing.
Eustachiitis develops due to the transition of the inflammatory process from the nasal cavity or nasopharynx to the mucous membrane of the auditory tube in acute and chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, angina, pharyngitis.


In the presence of foci of chronic infection, their sanitation is carried out. If there are adenoids, they are removed. If the Palatine tonsils have grown, they are "cut". With a curved nasal septum, surgical alignment is performed. Tumors that cause a violation of the patency of the auditory tube, also necessarily operate.
Only a comprehensive approach allows the doctor to achieve good results.
The Tashkent clinic gatling-med offers effective treatment of eustachiitis of the auditory tube. For the diagnosis of eustachiitis our clinic use modern endoscopic equipment that allows you to conduct an examination with high accuracy. According to its results, a qualified ENT doctor will prescribe a suitable therapy.