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Femoral hernia symptoms

Often, a hernia looks like a round bulge in the groin or upper thigh, ranging in size from a pea to a chicken egg or more. However, some people with femoral hernias do not notice the bulge, induration, or pain. But large, complicated femoral hernias cause a noticeable bulge in the upper thigh that can be painful, especially when straining, lifting heavy objects, or moving.

Symptoms of a pinched femoral hernia:
sudden pain in the groin and abdomen;

Causes of femoral hernia in adults

A femoral hernia is the result of the release of fatty tissue or a portion of the intestine into the groin on the inner thigh. The area where bulging can occur is called the femoral canal and is considered a weak spot in the muscles of the abdominal wall.

Actual causes of femoral hernia:
stress in the toilet;
persistent severe cough;

Modern methods of treatment

Surgery is considered the only effective treatment. With regard to the timing of the intervention or plasty of the femoral hernia, in case of an infringement or obstruction of the intestine, urgent surgical intervention is performed, and surgery should not be postponed.

Femoral hernias can be treated using standard inguinal access, open surgery, or minimally invasive (laparoscopic or robotic laparoscopic) intervention. Regardless of the technique or approach, key steps in femoral hernia repair include incision and reduction of the hernial sac, and closure of the defect with placement of a mesh.

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