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Gynecology is the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of diseases of the female reproductive system. You can consult with doctors of gynecology clinic GATLING-MED at any time and easily get answers to all the questions that concern you. Optimal masters of our business - our doctors, will assign you the right and effective treatment for any pathology of the reproductive system (vulva-external genitalia, small and large lips, virgin plum, vglishche, clitoris, internal genital organs - the body and cervix, vagina, ovaries , the fallopian tubes).

Diagnosis of gynecological pathologies

The first stage of the diagnosis is the detailing of all the ailments occurring in the patient's body, and then a gynecological examination is performed, so that our highly qualified doctors will be able to determine the presence of various changes. In the next stage, the delivery of general tests for blood, urine and gynecological smears is scheduled. And if necessary, immunological studies are conducted, hormones in the blood plasma, polymerase chain reaction and inflammation of tumor markers in the blood are examined.

A survey is performed using such equipment and tools as computed tomography, ultrasound, hysterosalpinography (examination of tubal permeability). All types of endoscopic diagnosis (colposcopy, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy), which are actively used and for operational purposes.

In the reproductive system of women, the following changes can be observed:

- Endometriosis

- Inflammation

- Age changes

- Egg dysfunctions

- Dyshormonal disorders in thyroid, hypothalamic and pituitary diseases

- Ovarian cysts, as well as cervical canal

- Benign neoplasms (tumors) - fibrobiomy and polyps

- Malignant neoplasms (tumors) - cancer and sarcoma

- Congenital anomalies

- Infections of various types, including those acquired through sex


Symptoms of these disorders can be:

- Soreness of the vulva

- Itching and redness

- Pain at the bottom of the abdomen

- Infertility

- Early started menopause

- Painful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia)

- Metorgragi, that is, bleeding in the intermenstrual period

- Violations of the menstrual cycle

- The presence of abundant (menorrhagia) and painful (algomenorea) menstruation

- Decreased libido

- Purulent, mucous and spotting


Treatment of gynecological diseases

There are three methods of treatment (operational, conservative and combined), which are selected in accordance with the state of the topology. Operations of all difficulties are carried out. Especially effective and less traumatic is endoscopic intervention. Then the patient is assigned a course of postoperative, rehabilitation therapy.

At easy stages of the disease conservative methods are used that include physiotherapeutic procedures, various medications, massage-general and gynecological.

The gynecological department of the GATLING-MED kylin gives women a healthy and happy life, thanks to which they can feel easily and confidently.