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In a multidisciplinary clinic, a full volume of general surgical intervention is performed with high efficiency. Outpatient treatment is carried out.

There are such surgical interventions as:

  • Operation of varicose veins
  • Artery surgery
  • Operations on the abdominal organs
  • Thyroid and dairy gland surgery
  • Operations of biliary tract

According to the high experience and qualifications of our surgeons, conducting operations of any kind becomes as safe as possible.

Liver biopsy. An operation of this nature is carried out in the operating room and under the supervision of ultrasound. This guarantees the safety of the procedure with high-precision results.

Treatment of hernias (obturation hernioplasty). Very convenient and effective so that it does not require stitching of fabrics, and the gates are covered with fabric. With regard to the implant, one can be sure that it leks to the skin, without giving any discomfort


- Laparoscopic operations (resection of the stomach, liver and intestines, treatment of a hernia)

- Conservative treatment (treatment of diabetic foot and pancreatitis, vascular atherosclerosis)

- Minimally invasive operations (surgeries on the thyroid gland, on the mammary gland, on the pancreas, on the hernia of the bony cavity, on the liver and on the removal of tumors of the "benign" form)

- Small operations (primary treatment of wounds, treatment of benign pathologies, as well as purulent diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, treatment of ingrown nect).