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What is hyperpolymenorrhea

The disease belongs to the category of gynecological diseases associated with menstrual disorders.

Causes of hyperpolymenorrhea

Most often, heavy menstruation is caused by various inflammatory processes in the uterus and appendages of a woman. This is also facilitated by pathological formations and changes in the shape of the uterus, endometriosis, polyposis, endocrine disorders and cervical cancer.

Symptoms of hyperpolymenorrhea

The main clinical sign of this disease is very heavy periods. With hyperpolymenorrhea, they are accompanied by acute painful sensations, and their duration may increase to two weeks, instead of 4-6 days. A common symptom for women may be general malaise and weakness. This disease is characterized by insomnia, loss of appetite, irritability and exposure to stress.

Why is hyperpolymenorrhea dangerous?

Heavy periods, clotted during menstruation, lead to significant blood loss and anemia. The work of internal organs and the central nervous system is disrupted. The patient may develop asthenic syndrome. Heavy menstruation leads to a weakening of the body's defenses and makes it more susceptible to various infections and inflammatory processes.

Diseases due to which dysfunction occurs, some of which can even lead to death (for example, cervical cancer), pose a great threat to women's health.

Treatment of hyperpolymenorrhea in "Gatling Med"

Not many people correctly understand what hyperpolymenorrhea is - it is not a cause, but a consequence. Therefore, the treatment of this disease should be coordinated based on the factors contributing to its appearance.

The Gatling Med medical center has all the necessary equipment that allows for accurate diagnosis and examination of patients. An accurate diagnosis makes it possible to choose the most effective treatment method without the risk of side effects and other negative factors.


You can safely start treatment, which we carry out as quickly and efficiently as possible in Tashkent. The Gatling Med clinic will make you feel confident in yourself and your health!