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With the development of dental services appeared the most convenient and trusted method of prosthetics of teeth - implantation. This method is extremely convenient and modern, and  has a number of advantages that will make you really take care of your teeth and their future.

Implantation of teeth eliminates several problems that could arise during prosthetics:


  1.    Sporadic sensations of nausea, as well as dry mouth
  2.    Grinding  neighboring teeth
  3.    Burning feelings in the mouth
  4.    Discomfort
  5.    Increased mechanical stress on the jaw and teeth


This method of prosthetics is carried out in the following stages:

- All necessary consultations are conducted between orthopedic doctors

- In the subsequent stage, the therapist examines and conducts a variety of tests and if there is a need, therapeutic treatment is fulfilled for complete readiness for implantation

- The patient is then referred for x-ray or tamography of the teeth of one or both jaws, which will determine the volume and density of bone tissue

- An operation plan is drawn up

- Selecting implants

- At the final stage, the anesthetist appoints an anesthetic

The GATLING-MED clinic, being modern and innovative, carries out implantation with the help of the latest technologies and advanced materials along with professional and experienced doctors who will be able to ensure the durability of dental implants.

Including a number of positive properties such as harmlessness, quality diagnostics, the latest technology of treatment and modern materials, our clinic will conduct implantation in the shortest possible time without creating any problematic conditions.