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Diagnosis of hyperprolactinemia

- collection of anamnesis, during which a woman talks about existing menstrual irregularities, the use of drugs, changes in sexual desire. The patient needs to inform the specialist if she associates the appearance of disturbing symptoms with any event;

- external examination of the patient, which allows to determine the general physical condition, the development of secondary sexual characteristics, the condition of the hair and skin;

gynecological examination, which makes it possible to identify involutive processes;

examination of the mammary glands;

- CT or MRI of the pituitary gland to exclude / confirm micro- and macroadenomas;

ophthalmological examination, during which the doctor examines the fundus of the eye, and also reveals changes in the visual fields. Usually, patients with pituitary macroadenomas speak of decreased vision and headaches;

- determination of the level of prolactin in blood plasma. Typically, the concentration is much higher if the patient has a tumor secreting this hormone;

- determination of the level of thyroid hormones;

analysis to determine the level of hormones produced by the adrenal glands;

conducting liver and kidney tests designed to exclude the pathology of these organs.

Symptoms of hyperprolactinemia in women

- Violation of the menstrual cycle

- Infertility

- Hypoestrogenism

- Galactorrhea


The treatment regimen is developed individually, based on the results of the examination, taking into account the woman's desire to restore fertility. Medication, surgery, and radiation therapy can be used.


To avoid the development of pathology, it is necessary to eliminate factors that contribute to an increase in prolactin production.

If you need to use drug therapy, especially psychotropic drugs, you should pay close attention to their side effects.

The choice of oral contraceptives should always be made by the doctor based on the results of the examination.

In order to diagnose possible relapses in a timely manner, patients with hyperprolactinemia need to be monitored by a specialist.


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