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Ingrown nail or Onychocryptosis is a process in which part of the nail plate grows into the lateral edge of the nail fold. Most often, this process occurs on the outside of the big toe. Most people do not feel an ingrown toenail and go to the doctor already at the stage of suppuration and pain. It is important to know that according to statistics, in half of the cases, an ingrown nail becomes a chronic phenomenon.

Treatment of an ingrown toenail begins with determining the stage of onychocryptosis. The following sequence of development of the problem is identified:
- Unpleasant sensations appear without visible changes.
- There is a slight swelling and redness. The soreness gradually increases.
- Increased swelling and redness near the nail plate. Pus appears. 
- The periungual roller or the entire phalanx turns red. The affected area becomes hot. Severe swelling is detected, the patient experiences severe pain when touched.
- Purulent inflammation of the tissues develops, which leads to the need to remove part of the plate.

Treatment methods
Depending on the results of the diagnosis, treatment of an ingrown toenail is prescribed. The podiatrist selects a therapy regimen:
- Conservative treatment. This is a gentle technique used in the early stages of nail ingrowth. The main specificity is to change the shape without deleting it. The specialist removes the ingrown part, carries out anti-inflammatory treatment, installs a corrective system. The modern technique is suitable even for those who have suffered from relapses of the disease.
- Removal by laser. The process is carried out by a bloodless method without serious interference. During the operation, the vessels are cauterized, so that they do not bleed. As a result of proper rehabilitation, the healing time is shortened. The formation of the correct shape of the plate is ensured.

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