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Ismatullaev Ravshan Gaibullaevich


1986 - 1989 Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg.
1989- 1993 Tashkent Medical Academy, Faculty of Medicine.
1994 Republican Specialized Center of Urology, internship.
1994 - 1996 Tashkent Institute Improvement of doctors at the 1st city clinical hospital, residency.

1996-2000, head of the department of urology there.
2000-2016 Central Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, chief of the urological department, chief urologist of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Since 2016 he works as a urologist at the "Gatling-Med" clinic.

Training courses and internships:
2000-ESU-Update on Urinary Tract Infections, Stone Disense and Prostatic Surgery. Almaty, Kazakhstan.
2007-Modern methods of treatment of BPH. TashIUV, Uzbekistan.
2011 - Injury of the urinary organs. TashIUV, Uzbekistan.
2016 - Endoscopic surgery of the urinary tract. G.Moskva, Russia.
2017 - Reconstruction of the pelvic floor with vaginal access. G.Saint Petersburg, Russia.