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One of the radical ways to combat the signs of skin aging is a circular lift of face .
The essence of the operation is to carry out the movement of tissues through incisions in certain areas of the face and chin. Thus, there is a return of tissues to the position that is characteristic of a younger person. This operation makes women look 10 or even 20 years younger.

Indications for surgery.
• Sagging and drooping cheeks;
* Pronounced nasolabial fold;
* The appearance of Bryl;
• vertical Taji on the neck;  
• multiple marsindie folds; 
* ptosis of the eyelids and outer corners of the eyes.
Preoperative period.
Before the operation for a month, it is recommended to give up Smoking and alcohol. It is important to stop taking drugs that affect blood clotting, such as Aspirin and Heparin.
Before surgery, you need to wash your hair, remove all makeup. A special requirement is not to eat or drink 6-8 hours before rhytidectomy.
You need to pass the following tests: 
complete blood count;
• General analysis of urine;
* biochemical blood test-glucose, bilirubin(total + direct), total protein, urea, ALT, AST, potassium, sodium; 
* coagulogram or ACTV, prothrombin+INR, fibrinogen, thrombin time, D-dimer; 
• blood type, RH factor, blood test for HIV and syphilis; 
Postoperative period.
The early postoperative period after a facelift is accompanied by temporary pain, usually lasting for several days. Maximum swelling for 2-3 days. To speed up the recovery period and reduce the risk of complications in the postoperative period, you should follow all the recommendations of Your doctor.
The daily life with some restrictions can be started in 10-12 days after surgery.
It is necessary to refrain from visiting the bath and Solarium, drinking alcohol and Smoking. It is not recommended to sunbathe for several months.
The above describes only some of the nuances of this type of surgery, for more information, please contact us at "gatling-med". Our surgeons with 10 years of experience, will not only inform you in detail, but also carry out a proper operation at an affordable price.