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Labioplasty is a procedure that removes excess or aesthetic correction of the labia minora. The sizes of the labia minora are individual for each woman, and there are no uniform aesthetic standards in the intimate area. But over time, due to hormonal changes, trauma or other reasons, some women have hypertrophy - a significant increase in the labia minora. Hypertrophy leads not only to aesthetic inconveniences, but also to a decrease in sexual sensitivity of both the lips themselves and the head of the clitoris. Young British girls at the age of nine want to have plastic surgery on their genitals, because they are unhappy with their appearance.

One of Britain's leading gynecologists, Naomi Crouch, said on BBC television that she was alarmed that more and more young girls were turning to their family doctors for referral to labiaplasty. Labiaplasty is surgery to reshape the labia minora and labia majora and, according to the UK's National Health Service (NHS), should not be applied to girls under 18. However, in 2015-16, more than 200 girls under the age of 18 underwent a similar operation in the British free medicine system, of which more than 150 were not 15 years old.


An alternative to surgery is the laser procedure. In this case, the doctor uses a carbon dioxide laser instead of a scalpel, which excises excess tissue under local anesthesia. Due to the disinfecting and coagulating properties of the laser beam, the procedure is not accompanied by the risk of infection and bleeding. In addition, in most cases, the procedure does not require stitches, which significantly shortens the rehabilitation period. Of course, photos before and after labioplasty are not taken, but the reviews of patients who have gone through the laser procedure indicate its high efficiency. Laser labiaplasty is performed at least ten days before the onset of critical days, but better - immediately after their end. After laser labioplasty, neither scars nor scars appear. Also, after this procedure, there is no need for stationary observation, but bed rest is recommended.

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