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Laboratory diagnostics is one of the main parts of modern medicine, with the help of which  a full-fledged medical aid is fulfilled. In the shortest possible time, the most accurate and qualitative data on the condition and process of the body are provided according to the presence  of modern technology, equipment and reagents in the GATLING-MED clinic.

Why it is necessary to address to the laboratory of clinic GATLING-MED?

In the laboratory collected only highly qualified specialists in their field, the latest research methods, advanced technologies (equipment) and high information content of the analysis results.

The laboratory services of the clinic include:

- General urine analysis

- General blood analysis

- Blood chemistry

- Immunology

- Microscopic examination

- Bacteriological study

- Hemostological study

With maximally broad spectroscopic methods of investigation, it becomes convenient to determine the state of human health and to identify many types of infectious diseases, functional characteristics of organs and systems of the harmonic background.

To take blood tests from the veins, you need to start preparing 14 days before making a visit. First of all, you should exclude the taking of any medications. The intake of food, alcohol and the use of tobacco products should be excluded 12 hours before the test. The blood is taken to the mouth and to the morning.