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Laser crushing of kidney stones (or laser lithotripsy) is a method of crushing kidney stones, which is a real alternative to surgical intervention for removing calculi.

Kidney stones are not uncommon. Painful symptoms of the presence of stones can appear at almost any age: from young children to people in old age. The following symptoms of kidney stone disease can be distinguished:

stabbing back pain (may spread to the groin area and be accompanied by vomiting and nausea)

-blood in urine (due to increased pressure in the renal cavity system)

-burning when urinating.

The disease is confirmed by ultrasound, X-ray examination, MRI. The reason for the formation of stones in the urinary system is a violation of the qualitative composition of urine, which is constantly formed in the kidney tissue. Often the impetus for the development of the disease is the long-term use of drinking water saturated with harmful impurities or the excessive use of foods in the diet that contribute to the formation of stones.

Laser lithotripsy is the latest technique that allows you to quickly treat kidney stones. Unlike surgical treatment, it is characterized by high efficiency, reliability and low painfulness of the procedure. Also, laser crushing of kidney stones has a number of advantages over ultrasound: it can be used to remove stones of a complex nature.

The process of treatment with this method is carried out as follows: an endoscope (which is a thin tube) is passed to the stone through the urethral canal, bladder and ureter. After the endoscope reaches the stone, an optical fiber is brought in and the laser is turned on, which acts on the stone, thereby destroying it (turning it into dust, excreted from the kidneys along with urine).


For the final disposal of stones, one procedure is enough, the risk of the formation of fragments is minimal. The method is practically painless, the operation is bloodless, i.e. after its implementation, no scars remain, it is effective for small stones.

Laser lithotripsy uses a special holmium laser. The technique is characterized by a minimum number of complications and is equally effective for any chemical composition of the stone. Holmium laser does not harm the surrounding tissues. This is due to the small depth of penetration into living tissues (less than 0.5 mm).

Laser crushing of kidney stones is performed by a physician with visual control using endoscopic techniques. This can significantly reduce the risk of inadvertent laser damage to nearby tissue. During the procedure, they are literally "erased into dust", so in the end no fragments remain.

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