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Femoral hernia is a condition in which the abdominal organs (intestine, omentum) extend beyond the anterior abdominal wall through the femoral canal.
Femoral hernia is manifested by tumor-like protrusion and pain in the hip area (especially during exercise).
Hip hernia occurs under the influence of the following reasons:
* Weakness of the abdominal wall, hereditary.
* Presence of postoperative scars.
* Abdominal wall injury.
Hard physical labor.
* Problems with urination.
* Prolonged cough.
* Violation of the intestine (frequent constipation).
Treatment of femoral hernia is performed only surgically in the hospital.
There are several ways to treat a femoral hernia:
* The Method Of Bassini
* The Method Laid From Paravecchio
• The Method Of Liechtenstein
• Surgical method
Postoperative period
* Apply bandages
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