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Hemorrhagic stroke is an acute violation of cerebral circulation caused by hemorrhage in the parenchyma of the brain. This type of stroke is less common, but hemorrhagic stroke is characterized by the highest mortality and disability.


It is important to recognize a hemorrhagic stroke immediately. To do this, usually resort to computed tomography. If the diagnosis is carried out quickly, the neurosurgeon comes into play.
Mortality from intracerebral bleeding is the highest among all strokes. Therefore, the fact of stroke itself is important to recognize immediately to begin an accurate diagnosis of its cause:
* dizziness, loss of balance and coordination;
• problems with speech;
* numbness, weakness or paralysis of one side of the body;
* darkening of the eyes, double vision or blurring of objects;
* sudden severe headache.


To determine hemorrhagic stroke is commonly used:
1. computer and magnetic resonance imaging of the brain;
2. cerebral angiography to clarify the nature of vascular pathology (presence of aneurysm, malformation, etc.)


  •   Surgical removal of blood clots and necrotic tissue, elimination of the cause of stroke (in case of aneurysm rupture, malformation or tumor necrosis);
  •   Medication support to improve nerve tissue nutrition, detoxification, cardiovascular support, prevention of complications.

The rehabilitation period

Rehabilitation is a set of measures aimed at restoring lost functions and includes:
* therapeutic massage and physical therapy;
* therapy aimed at restoring communicative functions (speech, reading, writing);
psychological help;
* robotics and other.
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