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Inflammatory processes in the ear cavity cause a lot of problems. One of these diseases is purulent otitis - an inflammatory process of an infectious nature, covering all anatomical parts of the middle ear: the tympanic cavity, the auditory tube and the mastoid process.

Symptom of disease

* Permanent or periodic discharge from the ear;
depression of hearing;
* feeling of congestion in the ear;

Causes and provoking factors of the disease 

* immunoglobulin deficiency;
genetic predisposition;
* inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx;
* ingestion of foreign microflora in the ear.


It is necessary to visit a doctor immediately if there is pain in the ear and if it has not passed in two days. Self-treatment of otitis only unconventional methods is fraught with complications. Therefore, treatment with these means should be carried out only with the permission of a doctor.
When therapy should take into account the individual characteristics of the patient, the severity of the inflammatory reaction, the stage of the process, comorbidities and the degree of sensitization of the body.
In Tashkent clinic Gatling-med there is a thorough diagnosis and treatment of both chronic and acute otitis according to modern standards, taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient. Our clinic employs ENT doctors with significant experience and high level of qualification, which allows them to treat all forms of otitis quickly and effectively.