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Chronic tonsillitis is a disease of the upper respiratory tract characterized by a prolonged inflammatory process of the tonsils. The cause of chronic tonsillitis often becomes ineffective or incomplete treatment of acute tonsillitis (angina). A long-term decrease in local immunity leads to the formation of foci of inflammation of the glands, in which pathogenic organisms are activated at the beginning of the exacerbation of the disease. Chronic tonsillitis is primarily dangerous for its complications associated with the spread of infection throughout the body. According to statistics, chronic tonsillitis affects up to 15% of the population. Of 200 infertile women, 120 have chronic tonsillitis.



Chronic tonsillitis can be caused by various infections.
With frequent and / or prolonged inflammatory processes in the pharynx, the Palatine tonsils lose the ability to Express resistance to pathogenic organisms, cleanse tissues and themselves become a focus of infection, which leads to the development of chronic tonsillitis. Usually the tonsils are inflamed due to the presence of lacunae in them. Lacunae glands are reservoirs for the accumulation of epithelial cells and various microorganisms. On the surface of the tonsils from patients with tonsillitis at the results of the analysis of the microflora secrete about 30 different pathogens, bacterial analysis content gaps most often reveals the presence of high concentrations of streptococci and staphylococci.
The main cause of chronic tonsillitis is previously transferred angina, after which the inflammatory process secretly continues and takes a chronic course. Occasionally, in 24% of cases, the focus of chronic inflammation is formed without angina in immediate retrospect. 


Fatigue, weakness, lethargy, headaches, fever - these are the main symptoms complained of by a person suffering from chronic tonsillitis. These symptoms are explained by the so-called tonsillogenic intoxication and allergization of the body... there are also local manifestations: unpleasant sensations in the throat when swallowing, putrid breath, periodic pain in the throat, dry cough, frequent sore throats, enlarged and painful regional (neighboring) lymph nodes.
A significant role in the pathogenesis of chronic tonsillitis belongs to the dysfunction of the nervous system, especially the autonomic system. 


Treatment of chronic tonsillitis, as any chronic disease, should be comprehensive and phased, aimed at directly affecting the focus of inflammation and increasing immunity. General recommendations: the right regime days, rational nutrition with sufficient number of vitamins, physical several exercises.
Before starting treatment, sanation of the oral cavity is carried out.

In Tashkent clinic Gatling-med, thorough diagnosis and treatment of both chronic and acute tonsillitis is carried out according to modern standards, taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient. Our center employs ENT doctors with significant experience and high level of qualification, which allows them to treat all forms of tonsillitis quickly and effectively.