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Bell's palsy or neuritis of the facial nerve (named after Charles bell, a Scottish physiologist of the XIX century) is a unilateral lesion of one of the branches of the facial nerve (rarely both), which is inflammatory or ischemic in nature, and manifests itself in the form of paresis of facial facial muscles or unilateral paralysis. Treatment of neuritis depends largely on the etiology of the disease, in particular it can be infectious nerve damage, herpes infection, hypothermia.

Cause of disease 

There are several types of paralysis: primary and secondary.
The causes of primary lesions are: 
  •  hypothermia (driving in vehicles with an open window, a draft, a long stay under the working air conditioner); 
  •  infections - most often the provocateur is a herpesvirus infection. A blood test can determine what kind of virus caused inflammation of the facial nerve.
The causes of secondary lesions can be:
  • brain tumor;
  • head injury with temporal bone fracture;
  • hypertensive crises.

Treatment Of Paralysis

Measures of eye protection during sleep, massage of weakened muscles and a splint preventing lowering of the lower part of the face are shown. May be effective course of prednisone, which begins with a daily appointment of 60-80 mg in the first 5 days. In the next 5 days, the dose of the drug is gradually reduced. Surgical decompression of the facial nerve in its channel is recommended in some cases.
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