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Liposuction is the removal of excess subcutaneous fat in certain areas of the body for the purpose of surgical body shaping. Body liposculpture is the redistribution of your own adipose tissue in order to obtain beautiful and harmonious shapes. Liposuction is one of the most common operations, since almost every woman has a violation of body contours due to localized fat deposits. Body liposculpture has replaced traditional liposuction. Its main purpose is to remove adipose tissue from where it is in excess and move it to where it is enough. Thus, it is possible to obtain harmonious contours and a beautiful body.

Currently, it is a widespread method of liposuction. Before the operation, an anesthetic solution is injected into the subcutaneous fat tissue directly from the area from which the fat will be pumped out. The used composition of the drug allows you to achieve high-quality anesthesia, minimize the risk of bleeding and prevent the development of infectious complications. Moreover, by interacting with fat, this mixture transforms adipose tissue into an emulsion, which makes it easy to vacuum out unwanted deposits. Further, during the operation, one or more small incisions are made, through which microcannulas are inserted under the skin to pump out lipid deposits. The relatively low invasiveness of the manipulation, the ability to carry it out under local anesthesia, not only shortens the postoperative period, but also allows patients to be conscious during the operation and to fulfill the doctor's requests if necessary.


Laser liposuction is performed under local anesthesia (with small volumes) or under general anesthesia (more often at the request of the patient). Through punctures with a special needle, the fatty tissue is processed with a laser. Laser energy is delivered through a 1 mm diameter hollow needle that is inserted through the skin. A hollow needle with fiber for conducting the beam, translational movements are made, the laser energy causes the fat cells to burst and burn. The end of the cannula is always visible due to the special red illumination visible through the skin, which allows the plastic surgeon to control its movement. Usually one treatment is performed for one area of ​​the body, lasting from 30-40 minutes to one hour.

It is a method of "sparing liposuction" - in which the usual aspiration of adipose tissue is supplemented by vibration, which allows you to extract evenly necessary fatty infiltrate. The vibration emulsifies the adipose tissue, which allows the procedure to be carried out without damaging the non-adipose structures. Vibroliposuction opens up new possibilities for improving the figure. When using this procedure, the patient has a large number of advantages (the operation is short-term, less traumatic, less painful). The result is a better appearance of the skin.

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