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Mammoplasty - plastic surgery on the mammary glands, which allows you to change the shape of the breast (reduce, increase or make a "lift" sagging breast) or to reconstruct the breast (for example, after surgery for cancer, resulting in the removal of part of the breast or all the gland). The slightest disharmony (and even more so, age and postpartum changes, the consequences of previous diseases and surgeries) can permanently deprive a beautiful lady of a good mood. Mammoplasty was created for such cases.

Mammoplasty is indicated in certain cases:

* Breast atrophy, which appeared after lactation. When a woman feeds her baby breast milk, the mammary glands can change. Plastic surgery can correct these changes.
* If the Breasts are too small. To increase the mammary glands, some women take various hormonal drugs. But they rarely get to achieve the desired result, in addition, it may be temporary. In this case, it is recommended to lean towards mammoplasty.
• During the mastoptosis. This condition involves the lowering of the breast, which can occur after lactation or with age. In this case, you can not only tighten the mammary glands, but also increase them.
For reconstruction. If the female breast has already undergone surgery to remove the formations, then plastic surgery may also be required.
* If the breast is too big. Many women suffer because of the huge mammary glands, as they deliver a lot of inconvenience. Plastic surgery will help make life easier by reducing the breast. To do this, remove excess glandular and adipose tissue. Also, the surgeon performs a lift and corrects the shape.
The types of mammoplasty:
* Augmentation mammoplasty. This is a plastic surgery that increases the size of the breast using implants. They have different shapes, material that must be considered when choosing them. Quite often, women with flat Breasts use a teardrop-shaped implant, and the owners are not too small Breasts – round. But the appropriate form helps to determine the surgeon. This mammoplasty. has different types of access. Incisions can be made under the breast, under the arms or in the nipple area. All these types of access have their own characteristics. There is also a different structure of the implant. It can have a structured or smooth surface. In the first case, the risk of implant displacement is reduced. In addition, it can have a different projection and diameter.
* Reduction mammoplasty. During this surgery, reduce the size of the breast, change its shape, while maintaining lactation functions. There is an anchor and vertical view. The first option is chosen if the woman has too large Breasts. Vertical plastic is carried out at an average size. The result is different scars. Reduction mammoplasty will improve the appearance of the mammary glands, get rid of complexes.
* Lipofilling This operation involves an increase in the mammary glands. To do this, make a fence of fat cells with special equipment using specialized devices, while receiving pure graft-purified fat. After that, the resulting material is injected into the chest. To see the end result, you will have to be patient. Sometimes you have to wait a few months. During this period, the cells will take root. In some cases, a second procedure is required.
Mastopexy. With this operation, a breast lift is performed. As a result, it becomes better aesthetic appearance. Also, this surgery allows you to change the shape of the mammary glands.
* Reconstructive mammoplasty. This operation involves the restoration of the appearance of the breast. To do this, silicone implants are installed. Also, to recover the mammary glands, used your tissue, which is obtained from the buttocks, back, etc can be carried out the restoration of the nipple. To do this, take tissue from the labia. You can replace surgery with tattooing.
• Endoscopic breast implants. For such an operation, endoscopic equipment is used, with the help of which the implants are installed. As a result, the duration of the rehabilitation period decreases.
* Correction of nipples and areolas. This operation is popular in plastic surgery. It is decided not only by women but also by men. It helps to change the appearance of the nipples and the diameter of the areolas.
The above describes only some of the nuances of this type of surgery, for more information, please contact us at "gatling-med". Our surgeons with more than 10 years of experience, will not only inform you in details, but also carry out a proper operation at an affordable price.