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Symptoms and signs of bronchitis:

Bronchitis in adults is of two types: acute and chronic, catarrhal and purulent, obstructive and non-obstructive. All forms of the disease are united by one main symptom-cough. In the first 2-3 days, it is obtrusive, dry or with a slight sputum discharge. After a few days, bronchitis symptoms begin to transform. Sputum separation is more intense. Productive cough is a more accurate definition of this process. Sputum is mainly whitish-gray and transparent in color, but when a bacterial infection is attached, it can be yellowish-green. Bronchitis symptoms in adults have the following: general intoxication of the body (weakness, drowsiness, loss of appetite); low temperature (37-38°C); chest pain.



Treatment of obstructive bronchitis should be with the active participation of the patient in the treatment process. If possible, you should eliminate the adverse factors of the progression of the disease is in first place, giving up Smoking, the desire to lead as healthy a lifestyle, if the main reason for the development of obstruction bronova production harm – desirable job change.

Bronchodilator therapy, therapeutic respiratory gymnastics are also indicated.

In the period of exacerbation of bronchitis, antibacterial therapy is carried out - medications are selected individually, taking into account the results of sputum analysis.

Of great importance in the treatment of obstructive bronchitis belongs to expectorants, which contribute to the discharge of sputum, improve bronchial patency. To this end, prescribe drugs that stimulate expectoration, phlegm-thinning drugs, mucoregulators.

In obstructive bronchitis, physiotherapy is indicated. Use inhalation of expectorants, electrophoresis of potassium iodide and antispasmodics, sinusoidal modulated currents. Massage has a bronchodilating effect.


Treatment of the disease in adults:

Bronchitis treatment in adults differs from therapy in children. It is important to observe bed or semi-bed rest. How to treat bronchitis-it depends on the factor of the disease (viruses, bacteria), the form and complexity of its course. Prescribe symptomatic medications to relieve the cough reflex. If necessary, mucolytic and expectorant agents are prescribed. Such a medicine for bronchitis, taking into account the impact, should only be prescribed by a doctor. Otherwise, you can harm your health. With the development of a disease based on a bacterial factor, antibiotics for bronchitis in adults are a mandatory measure. The choice of the drug is carried out after tests showing the type of atypical microorganisms. Inhalation of bronchitis with glucocorticoids, beta-agonists, and specific anti-inflammatory agents is an effective way to relieve the patient's condition.

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