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Hemorrhoids are thrombosis and abnormal enlargement of hemorrhoidal veins in the anus, leading to the appearance of hemorrhoids. Treatment of hemorrhoids, of course, is necessary since the nodes not only bring discomfort, but can also threaten the patient's life.
Nowadays, every second person suffers from hemorrhoids, to one degree or another. This means that it will affect almost all of us. In fact, hemorrhoids are varicose veins. The so-called knots, which can come out and bleed. Hemorrhoids can manifest as an independent disease or can manifest themselves as pathologies of internal organs.
It is necessary to consult a proctologist with the following symptoms of hemorrhoids: 
- pain during the act of defecation
- itching and burning in the anus
- dark-colored blood on the surface of the stool;
- nodes (felt or palpable) inside or outside (prolapsed) anus;
- increased discomfort after eating spicy food, alcohol.
Early treatment of hemorrhoids allows you to get rid of the pathology without radical intervention.

Hemorrhoid treatment

Early treatment of hemorrhoids avoids the consequences of the rapid progression of the disease. The treatment plan may include conservative and operative methods.
Treatment of hemorrhoids with conservative methods: 
- prevention of constipation (normalization of the stool by correcting diet and taking laxatives);
- local application of antihemorrhoidal drugs (suppositories, gels, ointments);
- taking baths with decoctions of medicinal plants (positively affect the nodes and the skin surrounding the anus).

At a later stage, the treatment of hemorrhoids is carried out by various methods of radical therapy:
- Surgical removal of nodes. Excision of hemorrhoidal formations is carried out less and less, since it is resorted to only in especially advanced cases. This method is the most traumatic, but also the most reliable way to get rid of hemorrhoids.
- Sclerotherapy. This is a minimally invasive technique that occupies an intermediate position between conservative and radical treatment of hemorrhoids. A special drug (sclerosant) is injected into the blood supplying vein, which promotes its thrombosis and subsequent hardening. Due to the lack of blood supply, the node dies off.
- Latex ligation. The modern method of treatment, which consists in the constriction of the knots. During treatment, hemorrhoids are sucked into a special apparatus by vacuum, where a ligature is applied to their stem. Thanks to her, the node is deprived of nutrition, over time, cut off from the blood supply, it dies and leaves the body naturally. During ligation, the patient feels slight discomfort, but anesthesia is not required. Minor pains may occur after the blood flow to the node stops, but they can be easily relieved with pain relievers.
- HAL-RAR technology - modern treatment of hemorrhoids without hospitalization and anesthesia.

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