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Orthopedic dentistry is the direct path to self-confidence and in your teeth. No one is immune from tooth decay or sudden injuries, which can deprive you of a tooth. Having lost a tooth, a person has a number of problems such as a shift of neighboring teeth, a violation of the digestive system, a cosmetological defect is also a speech impairment. The GATLING-MED clinic with highly qualified doctors guarantees you a quality prosthesis and a confident future.

All equipment is updated stepping over time. And our clinic provides you and your teeth with the following services:

-Defecting tooth defects

-Restoration of dental rows with removable and non-removable structures


-Drafting on implants



A thorough diagnosis is carried out and the design features of the prosthesis are determined. At the same time, our doctors take into account all wishes of the patient having to each his own individual approach.

Ideal results can be obtained with the proper distribution of the masticatory load and with hygienic lifestyle by daily caring for the teeth.

To create prostheses, our clinic uses the highest quality materials, which retain their strength even at high physical loads during food processing.

Materials used in creating the prosthesis:

  1.     Ceramics
  2.     Metal
  3.     Photocomposite polymers
  4.     Metal Ceramics


Our doctors specialists use a number of methods for restoring the tooth to the patient:

  •     Prosthetics on implants (when titanium pins are implanted in the bone, as a substitute for the roots of natural teeth)
  •     Microprosthetics (when ceramic inlays and veneers are replicated)
  •     Artificial crowns with a pin, attached to the root of the tooth
  •     Metal ceramic dentures
  •     Fixed bridges
  •     Clasp Protein

How to prepare for prosthetics?

For the beginning, the doctor carefully examines with the help of his instrument  oral cavity and the place where the implant will be installed. The condition of surrounding teeth will help to make a choice of a suitable method of prosthetics. Then, as a complete examination, an x-ray of the teeth is performed, which will prove or will disprove the results of the instrumental examination. And then the treatment of other diseases of the oral cavity will be fulfilled  to  remove the infection and keep the remaining teeth. Having chosen a certain method, depulpation, turning, sealing, taking a mold and further stages of prosthetics are carried out.