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Treatment of diseases of bones, ligaments, soft tissues, musculoskeletal system does not provide any problems for physicians traumatologists and otropedam (specialists in their field) of the GATLING-MED clinic.



Damage to these parts of the body is followed by bleeding, motor impairment and pain. In turn, orthopedic services are much broader than traumatology. Orthopedic medicine not only deals with the removal of the consequences of injuries but also diseases.


The reasons for the visit of a traumatologist orthopedist are:

- Hematomas

- Scoliosis, pathological lardosis and kofosis

- Fracture of bones

- Deformities of the foot (flat feet)

- Intra-articular fractures

All of the above pathologies are painful in nature and the first diagnosis of the presence of these diseases immediately need to turn to a doctor trauma orthopedist.

Having consulted and having passed the first examination to the patient in accordance with the sucking of his health, the following is appointed:

  • Ultrasound of soft tissues
  • CT scan
  • Diagnosis-MRI
  • Ultrasound of joints
  • X-ray

The GATLING-MED clinic is equipped with all the necessary modern equipment, thanks to which it becomes possible to examine even the most inconspicuous joint and bone injuries.