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Lopouhost-congenital anatomical feature due to the increase in the angle of the auricle, why the ears have a protruding appearance. In prominent ears the size and shape of the auricles are usually in the normal range, and they are located not parallel to the temporal bone, and under an angle close to direct. Signs of droopy ears are an increase in the angle of application of the auricle to the occipital part of the head, the smoothness of the contour of the auricle and the protivozavitka. This aesthetic disadvantage often causes the formation of psychological complexes and isolation.
To treat this defect, there is otoplasty-plastic surgery to correct the ears and get rid of droopy ears.
Causes of droopy ears
Droopy ears-a congenital pathology. The main causes are:
Heredity. The most common problem. Alas, as they say, against the genes will not go. If someone from the family (it can be even great-grandparents with absolutely healthy parents) had droopy ears, the baby can also inherit this feature.
* Feature of intrauterine development. Sometimes the ear is incorrectly formed in the womb, while there may be underdevelopment or smoothness of the protivozavitka, or hypertrophy of the cartilaginous structures of the ear.
Treatment of droopy ears
Ear correction, as noted above, is performed by otoplasty. 
The new shape and location of the cartilage are determined by the surgeon in advance, taking into account the anthropometric data of the patient. Under local or General anesthesia, an incision is made behind the fold of the auricle. Then the cartilage is given the shape that will ensure a close fit of the ear to the head. Simultaneously with otoplasty it is possible to perform combined plastic surgery of the ear lobe. The operation usually takes 30 to 60 minutes and is easily tolerated by patients. On the ears are superimposed special rollers that support the new position of the cartilage, placed on top of the fixing bandage or bandage, which will have to wear for one month.
In addition to the classical otoplasty performed with a surgical scalpel, the method of laser otoplasty with a laser scalpel is used, which allows to model the ear cartilage without leaving traces.
Otoplasty relieves patients not only from droopy ears, but also from complexes, stereotypes of behavior developed over many years. Many patients after gaining a new form of ears become more open, sociable, friendly and successful.
Postoperative period
In the first days after otoplasty there may be swelling in the area of surgery. Within 2 weeks after the correction, bandages are carried out at intervals of 1 time in 2-3 days. Bandages should not be too tight, as wearing such bandages can slow the healing of the wound. On 8-10th day the stitches are removed, if they are not absorbable.
Despite the fact that otoplasty is not a complex plastic surgery, it requires precision, high qualification and practical skills of the surgeon.
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