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Modern technology with surgical intervention makes it possible to easily and easily eliminate deformities of organs and correct their appearance. In the GATLING-MED clinic, surgeons can perform all the wishes of the patients with a guarantee of the quality and efficiency of the operation.

The services of plastic surgery include:

1. Removal of scars. Due to the high experience of doctors and modern equipment, the operation for removing scars is carried out at a high level including removal (atrophic, normotrophic and keploid scars). Along with this, surgical correction is performed in patients with postoperative scars. Taking into account the different methods of plastic surgery, the most optimal one is selected, individually with each patient.

2. Otoplasty. That is, plastic correction of ear shapes and shells. The operation is performed using a laser, leaving minimal traces on the skin.

3. Blepharoplasty. Elimination of excess skin from the upper and lower parts of the eyelid. This will not only help achieve a beautiful and spectacular eye look but also relieve intraocular pressure.

4. Abdominoplasty. The method of plastic surgery allows you to remove excess fat from the abdomen. This makes it possible for people suffering from high weight or women in the postnatal process to achieve ideal abdominal forms with minimal remnants of surgical interventions on the skin.

5. Facelift. Exercise to achieve the effect of young and beautiful skin.

6. Hailoplasty. Plastic operation of the lips. It takes only a few hours to achieve elegant and succulent lips.

7. Frontloading. Forehead lift. This method of plastic creates an amazing accent on the eyebrows pulling up the forehead.

8. Genioplasty. Chin plastics, which creates a beautiful and perfect shape, removing rotated, also acquired defects.


Individual consultation allows the patient to fully master the information on the procedure of the operation and confidently make the right choice for their health and beauty.