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One of the variants of complications after surgical procedures in the abdomen is a postoperative hernia of the abdominal cavity, it is also ventral, which arises in the former site of the incision.
Symptoms of incisional hernia:
• discomfort when bending and movement;
• pain at the moment of contact of the abdomen with clothes or objects;
• problems with defecation;
• retching;
• the appearance of tubercle in the area of postoperative suture the tension of the press – when you laugh, cough, sneeze;
• the syndrome of "acute abdomen»;
• the appearance of solid tubercle in the center of the seam.
The last two symptoms can talk about the dangerous condition – infringement, which requires immediate medical examination.
Diagnosis and treatment:
• Detailed examination of the patient and medical history.
• Identify possible contraindications for an outpatient procedure.
• Preparing for intervention.
• Pain relief.
• The laser knife excision of the hernial SAC with subsequent reduction of bulging in the abdominal cavity.
• Closure of the outlet opening in the abdominal wall and plastic.
• Stitches and complete the transaction.
• Informing the patient about the risks of postoperative care, the rules of conduct.
• Elimination of the risk of infringement.
• Removal of pain and discomfort.
• Strengthening the muscles of the abdominal wall.
• Elimination of unpleasant symptoms.
An incisional hernia on the belly is quite a dangerous phenomenon. Do not attempt to straighten it yourself, because the wrong actions can lead to rapid impairment and serious complications. Clinic ‘Gatling-med’ in Tashkent and its doctors, as having 10 years of experience with similar diseases ready to serve you at the highest level and to perform the appropriate operation.