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In most cases, postoperative hernia is complicated by surgical interventions performed in an emergency. Such situations exclude the possibility of adequate preoperative preparation of the gastrointestinal tract, which after surgery leads to impaired intestinal motility (flatulence, slowing down the passage of intestinal masses), increased intra-abdominal pressure, deterioration of respiratory function, cough and, as a result, to deterioration of conditions for the formation of a postoperative scar

Symptoms of postoperative hernia
The main manifestation of a hernia is the appearance of protrusion along the line of the postoperative scar and on its sides. In the early stages, postoperative hernias are reversible and do not cause pain. Soreness and an increase in tumor-like protrusion appears with sudden movements, straining, lifting weights. At the same time, in a horizontal position, the hernia is reduced or easily corrected.

Diagnosis of postoperative hernia
On examination, a hernia is defined as an asymmetric bulge in the area of the postoperative scar. In an upright position, when the patient is straining or coughing, the size of the tumor-like protrusion increases. Sometimes, through a stretched and thinned scar, the peristalsis of intestinal loops, the noise of splashing and rumbling is determined.

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