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Coprostasis is a condition resulting from chronic constipation, characterized by the absence of defecation (or minor defecation - up to 100 g of stool for adults) for at least 48 hours and painful attempts to implement it, in combination with signs of intestinal obstruction. Coprostasis is not an independent disease, but is only a clinical sign that accompanies some diseases.
Coprostasis with signs of intestinal obstruction should be distinguished from constipation. Thus, coprostasis is a serious disease that must be eliminated when the first signs appear.

It develops gradually against the background of a history of chronic constipation. Most often there is a clinic of colonic (low) obstruction. The frequency of symptoms can differ significantly depending on the etiology of coprostasis, the age and mental status of the patients, and the duration of the obstruction.

- stool retention or a small amount of it (less than 100 g / day for adults) for a period of at least 48 hours; observed in 65-100% of cases;
- abdominal pain - 32-99%;  
- vomiting - 23-48%;
- bloating - 48-65%;
- splash noise on auscultation - 46-51%;
- palpable tumor - 18-65%.

- Use of enemas with mineral oils, sodium phosphate and / or saline solutions.
- Manual removal (possibly using general anesthesia).
- The question of the use of osmotic laxatives is controversial. Most authors do not recommend this method for use.
- Surgical intervention is extremely rare, in case of complications (perforation) or ineffectiveness of conservative therapy.
When carrying out an operation in the distal parts of the colon, dense fecal masses crushed by fingers are determined, above which the colon is swollen.
It is necessary to make sure that there is no tumor obstruction below the fecal column. If the patient has a clean fecal obstruction, during the operation, the colon is freed from the fecal contents by simultaneous actions from the abdominal cavity and from the anus.

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