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Most people often take pain in the anus rather than seriously and turn to the doctor for the proctologist already in the late stages of the disease. Periodic pain is already the beginning of practical problems and it is very rare when these diseases can go away with time. But the risk that these painful sensations can go to the chronic stage is very great. Inattention to yourself and your health can lead to serious consequences (ulcer, swelling, ulcerative colitis, etc.).


Diagnosis and treatment of colon disease, the pararectal area and anus with modern technologies and experienced proctologists are carried out as efficiently and efficiently as possible.



The symptoms of proctologic diseases are:

- Discomfort in the anal canal

- Blood and mucous discharge from the anus

- Presence of formations in the anus

- Painful feelings during defecation


For practice it is recommended to arrange a visit to the proctologist to people in adulthood and in planning pregnancy.

The proctology of the Gatling med clinic treats such diseases as:

- Anal itching

- Hemorrhoids

- Bowel Tumors

- Condylomata anal

- Proctitis


- Anal cracks


Effective treatment, the right approach, professional support and favorable reception, this is the feature of the proctologists of the clinic GATLING-MED, which gives each person confidence in their healthy future.