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The second chin is an aesthetic defect that equally often worries not only women, but also men. The deposition of fat and sagging skin in the submandibular zone does not adorn anyone and is far from always associated with excess weight or old age. The skin of the chin-cervical zone is almost always open and is most susceptible to the influence of unfavorable factors from the outside. In addition, this area is the so-called fat trap, that is, even with a slight excess body weight, fat accumulates here in the first place, and when weight decreases, it is consumed last.

The appearance of a double chin indicates a weakening of the cervical muscles, an excessive increase in the layer of subcutaneous fat, a significant decrease in the elasticity of the dermis. These problems can be eliminated by conservative or minimally invasive methods without resorting to a plastic surgeon. The specialists of the ROSH clinic have a large arsenal of modern technologies and innovative equipment to eliminate aesthetic problems. Experienced cosmetologists perform chin correction using safe certified drugs, developing the optimal therapy tactics in each case, taking into account the wishes of the patient.


Performing special facial gymnastics is relevant both in the presence of contraindications for the above-described methods of correcting the double chin, and for consolidating the result after their use or preventing the recurrence of the problem. But before starting the exercises, you need to consult with a beautician. Now in the public domain (media, Internet, etc.), there is an overabundance of often purely advertising information about various "magic exercises", "secret gymnastics", "miracle simulators" for the face and neck. Blind copying of someone else's experience does not always give a positive result, and sometimes causes tangible harm. For example, if the formation of a wrinkle is associated not with a weakening, but with hypertonicity of a particular muscle, the additional load on it during training can increase overstrain and aggravate the problem.

An experienced specialist, taking into account the anatomical features and the causes of the aesthetic defect, will select an individual set of exercises to correct the face contour, strengthen or relax muscles, and reduce body fat in the problem area. He will show you how to properly perform gymnastics to correct a double chin, give recommendations on the duration and intensity of training.

You can safely begin treatment, which we carry out as quickly and efficiently as possible in Tashkent. The Gatling Med clinic will make you feel confident in yourself and your health!