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Barriers to STD control include:

- Unprotected sex with a large number of partners

- Difficulty discussing sexual issues for both doctors and patients

- Insufficient funding for the implementation of existing diagnostic tests and treatment methods, as well as for the development of new methods of diagnosis and treatment

- Susceptibility to re-infection if both partners are not treated at the same time

- Incomplete treatment that may lead to the development of drug-resistant organisms

- Traveling to different countries, facilitating the rapid global spread of STDs


- Often - clinical assessment

- Gram stain and culture

- Laboratory methods

There are many methods and clinical protocols for the diagnosis and treatment of STDs; for many diseases, diagnostic tests are limited or not available, or the patient is not ready for follow-up. Thus, it is often unnecessary to identify the pathogen. Often the diagnosis is based on clinical presentation alone.


- Syndromic treatment

- Antimicrobial drugs (sometimes)

- Simultaneous treatment of sexual partners

Because diagnostic tests are often limited or unavailable and / or the patient is undecided about the subsequent treatment, the initial treatment is often syndromic, that is, directed at the organisms most likely to cause the clinical syndrome at the moment.

Most STDs can be effectively treated with drugs. However, the problem of drug resistance is constantly increasing.

Patients during treatment for bacterial STDs should refrain from sexual intercourse until the infection is cured in them and their sexual partners. Sex partners should be examined and treated at the same time.

Viral STDs, especially herpes and HIV infection, as a rule, continue to exist in the patient's body throughout life. Antiviral drugs can control the course of the disease, but they are not yet able to cure all of these infections.


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