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Liver diseases
All lesions of this organ can be classified as follows:
- diseases of an infectious nature, when the tissue damage is caused by fungi, viruses, helminths, bacteria or protozoan pathogens-microorganisms;
- autoimmune diseases, which include some special types of hepatitis;
- damage to the liver tissue under the influence of various toxic substances, such as alcohol, drugs and drugs;
the lesions of vascular species;
- tumour diseases;
- diseases of the exchange type;
- hereditary diseases.

Medications for the liver and gallbladder. Basic methods of treatment
In many cases, patients seek help late, because the symptoms appear gradually and for a long time may not be particularly disturbing.
Medication treatment should be carried out under mandatory medical supervision. Depending on the type of disease, hepatoprotectors, antibiotics, antiviral, antimicrobial and anthelmintic drugs, B vitamins, as well as some types of organic acids are used.

The most universal means for the treatment of the liver are hepatoprotectors. Although they are not able to eliminate the cause of the pathology, however, they restore the functions of this organ and provide protection from damage to liver cells. The basis of their composition can be ursodeoxycholic acid (Exhol, Ursosan, Livodex), phospholipids (Resalut pro, Essentiale forte), ademetionine (Heptral, Heptor), ornithine (Hepa-merz). The use of medicines based on natural ingredients (Liv-52, Sibectan, Gepabene) is practiced. Such drugs are especially necessary when it is necessary to treat the liver after the removal of the gallbladder.

Physiotherapy procedures help restore damaged liver tissue after a previous illness. Microwave, UHF, electroplating procedures, electroplating currents and electroson are used. Surgical operation is used in cases of severe irreversible liver damage. Such an intervention allows you to eliminate complex types of abscesses, formed cysts, as well as restore damaged tissues as a result of injuries. Removal of this organ (complete or partial), followed by a donor organ transplant, is usually practiced in cases of severe cirrhosis, cancerous tumors and blockage of the liver veins.

Diet for such diseases is very important. It is necessary to remove from your diet strong tea, coffee, alcohol, tomato and grape juice, fatty broths, fish and meat, carbonated drinks, sweet and fresh bakery products. You can not do anything fried, spicy, too salty and smoked. In such cases, cocoa and chocolate, sauces, eggs, fresh berries, fruits and mushrooms are extremely harmful. As for vegetables, it is necessary to exclude Brussels sprouts and white cabbage, garlic, turnips, onions, radishes, spinach, eggplant, tomatoes and sorrel.

Health resorts
Treatment in a specialized sanatorium gives good results. There, the patient is provided with proper nutrition, physiotherapy procedures, drinking mineral waters and taking the necessary medications. Such sanatoriums are located mainly in the region of the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

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