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Treatment of dental diseases. Careful diagnosis and examination of all diseases of the mouth, jaw and other organs of the mouth.Dentistry is currently gaining increasing demand in patients. In connection with this fact, almost every clinic provides services for dental treatment. It is important not only to stop the pain but also to do it professionally and for a long time.

Our doctors are dentists master of their craft. Using the most effective means for obezbalivaniya, without harm to your body, they will cure, align and create a unique smile about which you could have dreamed all your life. This is only part of the dental services that you will receive at the GATLING-MED clinic. With our experienced doctors, you can safely be sure of your healthy future!

The clinic is equipped with the most modern dental equipment and strictly adheres to the sanitary-hygienic system.

We try to update providing you with more and more comfort purchasing tools, technical equipment, high quality drugs and the latest production.

In our clinic you will receive all the services:

  • Implantology
  • Periodontology
  • Therapeutic and aesthetic dentistry
  • X-ray diagnostics with orthopantomography
  • Orthopedic stomatology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Restoration
  • Whitening
  • Removable prosthetics
  • Bridges and implants (fixed prosthetics)
  • Caries (seals and tabs)
  • Tooth deposits (hygiene)
  • Restoring the destroyed tooth (pins and crowns)

You do not have to worry about the future of your teeth, for this there are our specialists who will perform all your services, answer any your question, providing you with high quality and self-confidence.