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Proctitis is a disease in which the mucous membrane of the rectum is affected. Proctitis is one of the most common diseases of the rectum, often combined with inflammation in the end of the large intestine - the sigmoid colon (proctosigmoiditis), inflammation of the inner lining of the large intestine (colitis), hemorrhoids or cracks in the anus. In the course of the disease, acute and chronic proctitis are distinguished.

Proctitis symptoms:
- Pain in the rectum is present, but they are very mild, practically do not cause anxiety to the patient.
- Itching and burning. They are also relatively weak.
- An increase in body temperature is not always noted. Most often, its indicators do not exceed 37 * C.
- Constant discharge from the rectum. They look like mucus or pus.
- Impurities in the feces of blood in certain forms of proctitis, for example, caused by ulcerative colitis, chronic anal fissures.
- Pallor, anemia. Develop with chronic bleeding in the rectum.
- Exhaustion. It occurs when proctitis is caused by cancerous tumors of the rectum and other serious diseases.

Treatment methods:  
To prescribe the correct treatment for rectal inflammation, you need to conduct a complete examination of the human body. The diagnosis is established on the basis of all data, including a digital examination of the rectum, examination of the intestine using rectoscopy, colonoscopy, biopsy of the intestinal wall, and stool culture.

The method of treating proctitis is determined by the nature of the disease, its severity, the presence of symptoms, the development of complications, etc. Some patients need short-term treatment for rectal inflammation, others need long-term treatment and medical supervision.
Be sure to follow a gentle (mechanically and chemically) diet. Fractional nutrition is introduced.

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