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The consumption of the  food  as well as drinks, which contain coloring agent, are  one of the reasons of the changes in the color of our teeth. A snow-white smile is a symbol of a healthy life. According this factor, the technological methods of bleaching are observed and are improving, making the procedures more efficient and qualitative.


The easiest way to whiten is to use whitening pastes when brushing your teeth. But nevertheless this method is short-lived and does not give such results about which we dream. Therefore, it is best to pass teeth whitening in the centers equipped with modern equipment. In the clinic GATLING-MED all the specialists of the business are gathered. Doctors of our clinic will consult and give the necessary advice when choosing the bleaching method. All patients are initially carried out professional teeth cleaning. It should also be taken into account that some patients are treated with bleaching in connection with such facts as (allergy to drugs, pregnancy, breastfeeding women, for those with various oral diseases).

After consultation with a doctor, the patient chooses the optimal method of whitening his teeth. All methods are painless, it's not worth worrying about and that the most important thing is high quality and for a long time, considering all reomendations of the doctor after the procedure.

The most optimal method among all presented (bleaching with special glue, Air Flow method, laser bleaching) is laser teeth whitening.

Laser whitening

The safest and most modern method that gives ideal results in the shortest possible time. Molecules of active oxygen penetrating into the interior of tooth enamel not only whiten teeth but also eliminate pigmentation in enamels.

The main qualities of laser bleaching can be considered:

  • Effect Duration
  • Comfort (affects only the teeth without affecting the gingiva
  • High result
  • Security

Relying on all this, each of us can be confident in a dazzling smile, immediately after the first visit.