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Intrauterine device (IUD) is an intrauterine device contraceptive device, which is a small device made of plastic with copper, which inhibits the movement of sperm into the uterine cavity, reduces the life of the egg and, first of all, prevents the fertilized egg from attaching to the uterine wall, that is, it is an abortive method of contraception.

How is the removal of the IUD
Standard removal of the spiral is painless, therefore, it does not require anesthesia. The doctor removes the structure by thread. If the threads were lost or the spiral grew into the wall of the uterus, it is removed using a hysteroscope. Manipulations are performed under local anesthesia or in the conditions of drug sleep. The specialist inserts the instrument into the uterine cavity and, under visual control, captures the spiral with microsurgical forceps, and then removes it out.

When the ingrown system is removed, the procedure is completed by curettage of the endometrium.

Attempts to remove the spiral at home can end in failure. Trust professionals to avoid trouble. The specialists of the GATLING-MED clinic will carry out the necessary studies, after which they will remove the system extremely accurately and painlessly.

Our doctors have extensive experience in removing ingrown spirals. The removal of the intrauterine device is carried out by a gynecologist at the request of the patient or after the expiration of the period of use (5-10 years). To remove the ingrown spiral, hysteroscopy is used. Hysteroscopy is performed in the operating room, equipped with modern equipment, under general anesthesia.