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Symptoms and course:

- With a cystic mole, there is a delay in menstruation for 2-3 months or more, against which there is a bloody discharge caused by the rejection of the cystic mole

- The discrepancy between the size of the uterus and the term of the intended pregnancy is characteristic.

- With an increase in the size of the uterus corresponding to the gestation period of more than 20 weeks, the presence of a fetus in the uterus cannot be established even with the help of special diagnostic methods.

- In contrast to a normal pregnancy, the symptoms of early toxicosis are much more pronounced.

- The most important criterion for the diagnosis of cystic mole is the titer of chorionic gonadotropin, which increases more than a thousand times in comparison with a normal pregnancy.

- With ultrasound of the pelvic organs, the picture of a "snow storm" in the uterus is determined.

- Bilateral ovarian cysts often develop.

Treatment of cystic mole

After the diagnosis of cystic mole is made, the cystic drift is removed from the uterine cavity, for this purpose, curette curettage is used, vacuum aspiration is used. If there is a bleeding that threatens the life of a woman, an operation is performed to remove the uterus. All removed tissues must be sent for histological examination.

After receiving the results of the histological examination, the woman is sent to a consultation with an oncologist to decide whether chemotherapy is necessary. It is necessary to carefully monitor the women's clinic for 2 years with a systematic study of the reaction to the presence of chorionic gonadotropin (every 3-4 months).

If the negative reaction becomes positive, then urgent hospitalization is indicated to exclude chorionepithelioma - a malignant tumor that often develops after a cystic mole (in the initial stages it grows slowly and is treatable). This tumor grows rapidly and gives massive metastasis (primarily to the lungs). Therefore, all patients with cystic skidding produce an X-ray examination of the chest organs to diagnose possible complications.


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