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Therapeutic dentistry is the basis of a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. And its main task is the prevention of dental diseases of the teeth and their treatment. As a rule, every person cares about their health and their teeth, should visit the dentist twice a year. The main reasons for visiting a dentist - therapist - is a toothache or visible tooth defect. Also often the cause is caries. That is, the dissolution of minerals leading to the destruction of the tooth and inflammation of the soft tooth tissue, under the destroyed solid tissue.


The services of therapeutic dentistry include:

  • Periodontology
  • Endodontic treatment
  • Prophylaxis and treatment of caries
  • Diagnosis of caries
  • Treatment of non-carious lesions of teeth
  • Treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa


Diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases begins with the fact that initially the doctor gives full information about the rules of dental care and if there is a need the doctor adjusts oral hygiene. All surfaces of the teeth are examined in order to make sure of the presence or absence of caries. Then, if the oral cavity could not be examined carefully, an x-ray of the upper or lower jaw of a certain tooth is prescribed. Treatment is performed with the help of anesthesia, and the infected tissues of the tooth are removed, recreating the anatomical structure. In case of deep caries, the nerve is removed and the canal is closed by treatment and sealing. If the infection spread beyond the tops of the root, the treatment will need to be repeated.